1.Experience and knowledge on the multiple phases of the project regarding control and security

  • Preliminary draft:  files consultation and architectural definition
  • Risk analysis: study of safeties  and technical specifications

2.Methodology of the study phases

  • Standardization of the functional and generic bases,
  • Functional studies analysis development,
  • Diversified processes knowledge (petrochemical,  chemistry, pharmaceutical)

3. Profiles and professional experience

  • Professional experience  in study and pre-production phases as well as in functional studies of  control and security.
  • Professional experience on multiple SNCC: EMERSON DeltaV, FOXBORO IAS, HONEYWELL Plantscape / EPKS, ABB MOD300
  • Control of security development standard: HONEYWELL FSC, HIMA, YOKOGAWA PROSAFE and TRICONEX
  • Development experience on API: Siemens S7, Schneider,
  • Development experience on opened systems: Scada-API
  • Professional experience  of the production  phases on off-shore oil rig, petrochemical manufacturing units and mining industry.

4. Development Reliability

On development phase we favor as much as possible databases autonomic production in the aim of decreasing  typing error risk, improving test phases on complexes functions and optimizing development time to focus expertise on applications particularities.

5. Implementation of testing phases and commissioning

For the tests phases FAT/SAT and the commissioning we draft systematically a test procedure and test report including particularly a follow-up of punches and evolutions as well as a modification control report for the production.